Welcome to the churches of Little Horton in Bradford

You will find links to All Saints and St Oswald's churches above.

All Saints and St Oswald's are two of the four churches in the AMOS cluster of Churches in Bradford 5;
All Saints, St Matthew's, St Oswald's, St Stephen's.  

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The service on Easter Day (9.30 a.m. at St Oswald's, 11.15 a.m. at All Saints) begins with lighting the Easter fire outside Church; from that the Easter candle is lit, then everyone is given a candle to hold.  We are in church for an hour, there is Holy communion for those who wish, and Sunday School is available at the back for children who with craft, story and a prayer.  We have nice refreshments aftewards.

Easter Day is stunning; it comes to us almost as miraculous as it was for the first disciples: ‘Mary’, says the risen Jesus to Mary Magdalene.  Someone has called her by name, in the old familiar voice—can it be Him? 

We know who we follow, who loves us, who gave his life for us; that's why Easter Day, the anniversary of his resurrection is the powerful day of the year.